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Meet Amelia Valcárcel


Amelia Valcárcel (Madrid, 1950) is professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at the UNED (National University of Distance Education), Member of the State Council and Vice-president of the Real Patronato of Prado Museum. She is also a consultant in Gender Policies for the United Nations and one of the most prestigious Spanish feminist thinkers.

What did feminism mean 40 years ago in Europe and what does it mean today?

It didn’t have a good reputation then nor it has it now but this is fine, because it means it’s alive.


Obviously, because otherwise it would be in a museum and wouldn’t scare anyone.

Is it possible to say the same thing about global feminism?

Yes, of course. There are many societies where feminism, I guess, has a horrible reputation. Just think about all those places where women are not considered as human beings.

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