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“Whenever I tell how I started working in Twision no one believes it”, Marta Simonet says.

Theatre actress, TV presenter, blogger, model, since last March, when it began airing, she’s also one of the three hosts of Twision, the first world-wide Twitter television initiative originated from a digital TV channel in Spain, Veo7, a part of Unidad Editorial. Already this year Twision was one of this year’s most innovative formats at the MIP TV in Cannes.

“It happened by chance”, she explains. “While surfing in twitter I found out there was a show of this kind airing in my own country, so I sent a message to the channel’s director, Melchor Miralles, saying I found it fascinating and that I was there for whatever was needed. He called me inviting my as a guest, made me a good offer and I accepted it right away”.

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