Elena Ledda is a freelance journalist with a Foreign Languages (Spanish and Chinese) University Degree who’s been living for almost seven years in Barcelona, where she moved to study the BCN_NY Master Degree in Journalism (collaboration between Universitat de Barcelona and Columbia University). At present she combines as work as a freelance journalist for both Italian and Spanish newspapers and magazines -writing in English, Italian, Català and Castellano- with teaching digital journalism and blogs at the BCN_NY masterdegree. She is a member of the International Network of Journalists “with Gender View” (Red Internacional de Periodistas con Visión de Género).

Why did I start this blog?

Because every day I find out that in spite of all the discrimination there are tons of excellent women doing excellent things in every corner of this world.  But I also see that in most cases they are not given visibility (which is indeed a precise way of discriminating) nor are gender issues treated from inclusive, breaking perspectives as much as it is needed. So I’ve decided to use the only weapon I conceive to do my part in order to turn silence into -I hope-  an inspiring sound.


My own experience ‘on the other side’: “The day I was Rob” (in Spanish)

Valentina Meli is the author of all the drawings


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