About Nǚ

A spotlight to interesting ‘women’ doing interesting things,

An insight into the most pressing and least spoken gender issues told, among others, through the UE projects on the matter,

European and worldwide ongoing innovative projects of any kind told by the ‘women’ involved.

Nǚ means ‘woman’ in Chinese but this doesn’t mean ‘men’ will be excluded nor that gender is  a ‘women’s issue’ at all. What is given is that the consequences of gender stereotypes, gender discrimination and invisibility do affect ‘women’ more than ‘men’, so it’s nothing more than a matter of priorities.

A space will also be given here to ‘men’ who are not content with the hetero-normative masculinity and to transgender including transexual, people who are genderqueer and those who live cross-gender (among others) with the objective both to give them visibility and to try to overcome the prevailing gender dichotomy.

Post Data: The original blog’s address, http://www.blogyouris.com/nu_gender_excellence is not working anymore…All the content has migrated here. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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